Art Therapy uses the creative process to improve mental and emotional well-being. This can be achieved through a variety of creative approaches.


You don’t need to be child or have artistic talent to receive the benefits. It is our job to help you translate the underlying messages communicated through your art, which will aid in the therapeutic process.

Play Therapy uses play to communicate with and help people, especially children, to prevent or resolve psycho-social challenges. This technique aids with better social integration, growth and development, emotional modulation, and trauma resolution.


Some children may find it difficult to verbally communicate their emotions. We use Play Therapy to help increase your child's non-verbal vocabulary, allowing them to feel heard and  validated without being forced to say a word.

Therapeutic Benefits of Art and Play Techniques:

  • Communicate thoughts, feelings that may seem difficult to put into words
  • Feel heard and understood
  • Gain ownership and achievement
  • Turn small successes into strength to tackle larger challenges 
  • Build trust in a safe environment
  • Grow self-esteem and self-respect
  • Learn how to consider a more objective perspective on your unique situation
  • Experiment with change that can later be applied outside the therapy room
  • Know that you are safe
  • Healthily express feelings such as fear, guilt, pain, rage and anger
  • Use your strengths to build skills to manage difficult emotions and circumstances
  • Gain asense of accomplishment